An excellent customer relationship is the foundation of any business. The customer must only remember the positive aspects of your company’s service, a relationship of trust must be established. The customer must have an excellent memory, and above all keep in mind the pleasure. But then what are the keys to managing a low-budget customer relationship?

Steps for a successful customer relationship

We have prepared 3 simple steps to establish a lasting relationship with your client.

1. Know your customer

It is essential to be attentive to your customers, to establish a contact that can be made via the Internet or even in physics. You have to be able to target your customers’ needs: they must feel that you do not speak the same language to everyone.

To know your customer, you must study their behaviour: analyse their purchases according to the seasons, the months of the year. Can you see a repeating cycle? Take notes and try to build your client’s typical profile.

In this way, you can build a personal customer relationship and differentiate yourself. Your speech will be different because it will meet your client’s specific needs. He will naturally choose you!

2. Work on your image

Your customer must have complete confidence in your company, he must not be afraid to be fooled.

The notoriety of your business is then very important. For that, you have no right to lie, customers must be aware of all the details. You must maintain a close relationship: your customers must feel humanity and not only automated machines.

The human being remains essential to better identify your customers’ problems. Your company’s service must be of impeccable quality: a “Hello, how are you?” in your emails or in the confirmation of a purchase is always a pleasure.

The image of your company also depends on the quality of your services. The service must be fast. Long waiting times can make your customers leave very easily! Then respond quickly to comments, messages or calls from your customers.

Thanks are also very important: politeness is an important pillar for your image. So don’t underestimate her!

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3. Encourage customer loyalty

To successfully establish customer loyalty, you must first create a commitment with your customers. The most logical thing is to interact with customers, never lose the thread that connects you.

Maintaining a relationship will not cost you anything. You just have to be able to listen so that your customers feel surrounded. You need to collect as much information as possible for each of your customers, so that they feel even more listened to. You need a service that allows you to process your customers’ requests as quickly as possible. In this way, a relationship of trust will naturally develop.

It is by knowing perfectly the requirements of each customer that you will be able to interact as quickly as possible. The easiest and cheapest way to manage your customer relationship is to listen to them. Offer them rewards if they agree to send you their feedback!

This reward system will allow you to maintain an excellent relationship with customers who have been using your services for a long time. Less energy to spend, less money to put into it, loyalty is the key to a good low-budget customer relationship.

The essential tools for a good customer relationship, without ruining yourself

GĂ©rer sa relation client c’est bien, mais Ă  petit budget c’est encore mieux. En rĂ©alitĂ©, il n’est pas compliquĂ© de la gĂ©rer sans mettre un gros budget. Ne vous inquiĂ©tez pas, nous allons tout vous expliquer !
Il faut avant tout Ă©tablir sa propre stratĂ©gie afin d’anticiper les coĂ»ts de celle-ci. Une fois que vous avez suivi l’étape prĂ©cĂ©dente, que vos clients sont satisfaits, il vous faut entrer dans la gĂ©rance de ces clients.

Managing customer relations is good, but on a low budget it’s even better. In reality, it is not complicated to manage it without a large budget. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything!
Above all, you must establish your own strategy in order to anticipate its costs. Once you have completed the previous step, and your customers are satisfied, you need to get into the management of these customers.

We offer you four essential tools here at a low cost!

1. A customer database

To build a customer database, a software called CRM is used in all structured companies. This type of software can be quite expensive because it automates customer relations almost globally.

But don’t worry, creating a customer database is not always a major investment. Let’s take the example of Discodery: thanks to a management system integrated into your website, you have an automatic database. This system allows the small merchant to launch their e-commerce without worrying about the CRM behind it.

Other accessible CRMs, more marketing oriented, are now on the market. Examples include BasicCRM, HubSpot and Vtiger. The disadvantage of these solutions is that they require integration with your website. You can choose an all-in-one solution from the beginning and avoid adding a CRM later on.

2. An emailing strategy

When your database is ready, you must establish an emailing strategy to manage your customers.

Several tools are available on the market such as MailChimp or ActiveCampaign. These tools allow you to segment your audience and send personalized messages. For example, you can send a confirmation email after a purchase or send a reminder email when the customer has not confirmed his purchase.

The power of a good emailing strategy lies in delivering a personalized message according to the needs of your audience. You cannot send the same message to a new customer and to repeat customers.

It is therefore very important to personalize your emails according to your customer’s history. For example, Discodery offers you the possibility to send automatic emails after each purchase on your website in a few clicks.

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3. A presence on social networks

Your presence on social networks is essential to build a relationship of trust with your customer.

It also allows you to analyze your customers’ comments on these networks. Whether positive or negative, you must respond to all comments from your customers. The community needs to feel that nothing is beyond you and that you are able to handle all problems.

A little tip: you can set up your networks to receive all your new alerts in real time.

A second tip: if you want to save time, choose a solution that publishes on all your networks at the same time. You can use Buffer to publish on several of your networks. All you have to do is connect this program with all your networks.

If you want to publish from your website to these networks, the Discodery solution offers you a partial centralization of social networks (Facebook and Twitter). You can publish in a few clicks on these two networks!

4. A satisfaction survey

This is the classic way to get feedback from your customers and show that you care about them. You can create small satisfaction questionnaires for free and send them to your customers regularly to maintain continuous communication between you and them.

It is important to ask your loyal customers for advice in order to improve your structure and offer. Your customers will then feel useful to your company’s approach. You can use your emailing tools to build this questionnaire according to the segmentation of your audience.

A simple tip is to offer a promotional code to the people who will answer your questionnaire. The benefit will be twofold: you will get more answers and you will make your customer want a new purchase at a reduced price!

Our latest tips to better manage your customer relationship

Of course, it is important to boost your customer satisfaction, but don’t forget to control your budget! A simple trick to save money is to automate as many repetitive actions as possible. For example, you can use purchasing support services such as click-to-chat.

Another simple way to improve your customer relationship is to have competent employees. To motivate its employees to provide a quality service, they must first and foremost have a sense of well-being within your company. Zappos has understood this strategy very well and customer relations is at the heart of their success. They have a quote that all companies should respect: “Happy employees make delighted customers”.

Finally, we must not forget to focus on our customers: they are the ones who have the power, we must meet all their expectations. Listen to them, understand them and adapt to their needs. Our technologies are constantly evolving, use them! The main key is to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Finally, don’t forget to share this article if you have found answers to your questions. Other small businesses may need this valuable advice to build their customer strategy at a reduced price!