Are you starting an activity and want to make yourself known quickly? The digital presence is an essential step for startups who want to spread their values, communicate more easily or even set up an online business. Nowadays, this digital presence is inevitable to make yourself known and develop your business by moving up a gear. Digital technology thus allows you to access another communicative dimension that boosts your marketing activity: your activity can potentially be visited by millions of people. Thus, the creation of a digital presence brings you a multitude of features that will allow you to improve your turnover. However, these digital features are very expensive and therefore inaccessible for low-budget companies.

How to get this low-budget digital presence?

Petit budget

1. Create your website

The website is the basic digital communication tool for companies. With a simple click, Internet users can discover your company’s universe and get a quick idea of your business. This is why it is very important to take care of the design of your page!

The average cost of a website varies according to your objective: a one-page website offering your services can cost up to €5,000. A quote for an e-commerce site can be up to €10,000, while a custom-made site offering an integrated management system can sometimes be up to €50,000! Of course, these prices depend on the customization you want to bring to your website. But don’t panic, it is sometimes necessary to focus on the essential to create your website, and therefore develop your digital presence. For example, you can choose a website editor that will give you a solid foundation to get started. At Discodery, we offer you an all-in-one solution that will allow you to get your website in just a few clicks.

Don’t wait until you have the necessary budget to start your website. This tool allows you to obtain greater visibility in search engines by suggesting your web page from the first search pages related to your activity. If your company does not have a website, it is your competitor’s website that will appear in the first results.

2. Launch your dedicated app

Creating your own application is a powerful tool to make the company more credible and develop its digital presence. Indeed, although it is more and more frequent, the application is synonymous with IT investment and allows to obtain a certain prestige.

The biggest benefit for your customers is to have access to your products directly from their pockets. So it’s a great way to build loyalty among customers who have made the effort to download your app.

On the other hand, it is important not to forget to take care of the application’s logo. Indeed, the frequent use of smartphones makes them an excellent marketing tool. If you do not yet have a logo, we recommend the Canva tool to create it in just a few minutes.

Présence digitale

Finally, the ease of access and optimized interface of an application allow the user to have a pleasant experience and save time. The functionalities provided by the applications add proximity between users and your company. Push notifications are a very useful aspect, as they allow you to send reminders, promotions or news directly to the user interface. As a result, these people can no longer miss your future communications.

Let’s take the example of Lyft, a carpooling company that has successfully implemented its communication plan. The latter placed its logo on coasters with a discount code which were then distributed to all its contacts working in cafés or bars. As a result, a large number of people downloaded the Lyft application to get the promotion. Genius marketing operation!

3. Share your values with your community

Mission, value and vision are three key words that are essential throughout the life of your company because they forge your identity. Thanks to each of these concepts, you manage your project while maintaining the same consistency since the launch of your activity. This consistency gives you a certain credibility in the different actions you will carry out during your project. It is therefore important to clearly define these three keywords and share them on the web to impose your digital presence.

It should not be forgotten that your best potential customers are those who meet your mission, share your values and vision. As a result, digital presence is essential to communicate these essential points in a simple and effective way. To do this, nothing is more convenient than creating a blog. It is the freest and most creative way. It allows you to write as many articles as you want. You can also add images, videos or other media, so that Internet users can discover your world.

In addition, a frequent update of your blog will show your involvement and dedication to your activity. When the articles are successful, they can lead to the creation of a community through sharing and thus expand its circle of popularity, which will probably bring you new opportunities.

You don’t have a blog section on your website? Don’t panic! Don’t panic! You can start a blog very easily with WordPress. A minimum of technical knowledge is required to manage your blog with WordPress. If you prefer an all-in-one solution, check out our offers here. You can integrate a blog into your website in a few clicks!

4. Communicate with your customers

The customer relationship in a company is the basis of its success. If you get loyal long-term relationships, you’ve won everything! To increase opportunities to communicate with customers, digital solutions provide access to real-time discussion platforms such as Live Chats, for example. With these tools, it will be faster to respond to the needs and demands of anyone, anywhere, anytime. Setting up a ChatBot requires some technical knowledge but don’t worry! At Discodery, we offer you the possibility to easily integrate this functionality into your site.


In terms of financial means, communication by email and social networks remains the most accessible for small businesses, as these systems are simply free. For the use of e-mail, you can create an e-mail address intended only for the direct client-company relationship, in order to be able to answer the various questions of the customers. And even more, you can create an email address for after-sales service that will allow you to follow your customers and help them with their claims, and which will then indicate potential areas for improvement of your product. Otherwise, don’t waste any more time: manage all your publications on a single Dashboard! There is a lot of software to help you manage your mailing list in order to automate sending. At Discodery, we provide you with an all-in-one solution that allows you to manage your customer database and also send them push notifications in real time!

L’autre façon de communiquer avec vos clients, plus moderne, est de créer une communauté sur les réseaux sociaux. Aujourd’hui, 66% de la population française est active sur les réseaux sociaux et chaque personne les utilise en moyenne 1h20 par jour. Ainsi, les réseaux sociaux sont un moyen simple, rapide, pratique et instinctif de communiquer avec vos clients.

These methods are of course used by all companies, even the most developed ones. That doesn’t mean you can’t get started too. In addition, it should be kept in mind that qualitative use is much more effective than systematic and abusive use. Use these methods wisely and save time by managing them from a single platform with a solution such as the Gravity Board.

5. Save time with online management

Organized work will undoubtedly advance your business. The quality of management is the basis of a healthy company, which can easily cope with unforeseen circumstances. Indeed, a good internal organization of the company allows you to acquire a certain reliability towards your colleagues/employees, and will allow you to save yourself a lot of time. Once again, some digital tools will allow you to obtain an efficient online activity management that is accessible to everyone.

To show you the usefulness, let’s take the example of a restaurant in town: if a manager wants to assign a task to several people but is unable to do so because of an important meeting for which he has to hurry, he can easily communicate this information thanks to a simple management on his smartphone and the assigned people will be informed.

Imagine another situation: the restaurant is starting to get a certain success and many customers decide to book the tables in advance. A solution with the ability to book online will allow the company to use its time for a more important activity than answering customer calls. In addition, customers generally prefer to book online because it saves time searching for your establishment’s number.

Overall, there are many ways to improve your business management if you use digital tools wisely. Another good example would be the push notification feature when unsold in some restaurants. It is by far our customers’ favourite. Why don’t you think about it?

An online presence is not just a website

Présence digitale

As you may have read in this article, the online presence of a small business is not limited to the creation of a website. This is certainly the first essential step to gain visibility, but not only. For example, a mobile application will allow you to engage your customers and improve their value over the long term. A blog is also a powerful tool to share your values and latest news with your customers.

Another way to communicate with your customers is by email, social networks and push notifications directly from your website. So don’t underestimate them!

Finally, a digital presence is also synonymous with optimization in terms of management. Choose a solution that offers you an integrated management system: for example, you can manage your customers’ reservations or organize your team’s work from a single interface.

Contrary to what you might think, these tools to improve your digital presence are quite accessible. Check our prices here and share this article if it has answered some of your questions!

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