Learn how to create your Apple developer account, the Apple Store has 2 million applications available and soon yours !

Publish your application on the Apple store is the culmination of your digital takeoff 🚀 but wait … you have to create your Apple Developer account, and for that, Discodery will guide you step by step…

Thanks to our article “How to easily create an app without knowing how to code” you now know how to create your app and all that’s left to do is to put it online, it’s up to you !

Before we get started:

  1. You must have an Apple device (Ipad, Iphone, Mac, Macintosh ..)
  2. Registration for the Apple Developer Program account costs €99 (some organizations may benefit from a fee waiver). https://developer.apple.com/fr/support/membership-fee-waiver/
  3. We recommend that you do this from the Safari browser.

The Apple Developer Program allows you to publish your application to the Apple store for use on IOS.

Step one:

To register to the Apple Developer Program you will need an Apple ID if you don’t have one : https:/appleid.apple.comaccount

Then go to Apple Developer 

❗️If this is not the first application you publish it is possible that you already have an Apple Developer account you can then publish a second application with this same account but remember that the Apple Developer account holder must be the legal representative/owner of the final application, if it is a company registering in the name of the company.

Step two : Two-factor Authentication

This is a classic security procedure put in place by Apple to ensure that you are the only person with access to your account even if someone knows your password.

Apple Developer account

In order to perform this step you need an Apple device (Mac, iPad or iPhone), this dual authentication works between 2 Apple devices or an (trusted) Apple device and a phone number.

For more information click here.

Step three:

You will need to choose whether you are registering as a corporate organization or as an individual.

The process as a company is a little longer but imperative if you are not the final owner of the application. However, if you are the sole owner of your company then you have the possibility to register as an individual.

As a company :

In the box “entity type” choose: organisation/company

Accept the terms of the Apple Developer Agreement.

The information requested is as follows:

  1. Legal name of the company (register the company name as it appears in the status and tax documents)
  2. Head office address
  3. Email Address
  4. Professional contact
  5. SIRET number
  6. DUNS


You will be asked for the 9 DUNS numbers of your company: This number is given to you by Dun&Bradstreet :

if you don’t think you already have one, you can ask for it for free here.

if you’re not sure check here. (it happens that you are registered without having made any steps!)

❗️It is possible that you may be asked for certain official documents, the procedure can take up to 2 weeks but it is imperative.

If you have any difficulties you can contact them directly: CustomerCareCan@dnb.com

As a individual

The process is the same but you will not be required to provide a DUNS or other documents relating to the status of your company.

In the box “entity type” choose: individual

Accept the terms of the Apple Developer Agreement.

During this registration process fill in your data and choose 3 security questions and as long as you can, remember it !

Apple Developer account

❗️During your registration you may sometimes get an error page:

Apple Developer account

In this situation make sure that you have tried the procedure from Safari. If this is not the case, repeat the action from Safari, if you were already using this browser, contact Apple support .

Step Four: Finalization

Once your account is validated by Apple you will be able to subscribe to the IOS Developer Program and proceed with payment.

Apple Developer account

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