Do you want to become a Digital Hero? You will need a mobile application for this. So get started with Discodery and get your mobile app very easily. Thanks to this application, you will be as close as possible to your customers, just within reach, on Iphone or Android. Develop your customer relationship, get closer.

And yes, today having a website is no longer enough to have an effective digital presence. Indeed, the mobile application is becoming the first customer contact point and ahead of websites. A Com Score study showed that mobile consumption represented 60% of digital consumption in the USA (including 52% via applications). Let’s take the example of a private showroom, 45% of their total turnover comes from mobile sales (75% of which are made via the application). So why not you? What are you waiting for to boost your visibility and sales?

All you have to do is customize your application for the rest we take care of everything. Our applications meet customer expectations for easy-to-use, intuitive and bug-free applications. The applications are updated regularly and their code is optimized to have a good natural referencing on the App Store and Play Store. This will give visibility to your application and therefore allow you to be more downloaded than your competitors.

Owning an application is a way to increase the engagement of your customers and prospects. Thanks to your Discodery application, an exponential number of people will be able to discover you. Your customers will need to create an account to access the chat, notifications and loyalty card. They will be able to contact you very easily and even geolocate your business to get there. Even within your business, customers will be able to use your application to scan flash codes as part of a loyalty program. Not to mention all the advantages for you to have several types of online sales platform and e-reservations.

Sending push notifications is the guarantee of being visible to your customers. Indeed, the mobile application is all the advantages of a website directly in your customers’ pockets. So get started. Make your mobile application without further delay thanks to Discodery’s artificial intelligence!

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