Digital is not just marketing! And yes, digital tools can also make your daily life easier. Help you to better manage your management, sales and invoices. Thanks to the Discodery solution you have many tools directly connected to your site and application manager. A single solution but multiple features that will save you time and money!

This global tool, called the Gravity Board, will allow you to digitize yourself in a simple and progressive way. Are you afraid of being lost? Don’t panic! Don’t panic! With all our tutorials, articles and level learning program, you will quickly become an expert on the Gravity Board. And with our free 7-day demo, you’re free to try without spending your money.

You will learn how to customize your site to look like you. Create your product catalogue. Manage your reservations. Set up an online payment system. Manage the preparation and dispatch of your orders. Manage your employees’ schedules. Assign roles and tasks. Retrieve your invoices. Publish your news. Send notifications. And more!!! You will certainly become a pro of digital and e-commerce! Your customers and teams will thank you.

Our artificial intelligence designates the Gravity Edge interfaces so that they are responsive, which means that they adapt to all computer AND mobile search engines. So that you can take your management software everywhere with you. So always stay connected to the digital life of your company.

And yes, because a well organized work is a more efficient work. And to be the best, you also need to be able to adapt quickly. In addition to improving your productivity, you will also increase employee loyalty. Being a good manager is important. And to be a good manager you need the right tools.

Especially when it comes to booking, as many managers spend their days answering the phone to make appointments. With Discodery, your customers can make an appointment at any time of the day or night. On your side, you validate appointments in a few clicks, notify your customers and assign the appointment to one of your team members. There you go, that’s it. Your reservations are automatically added to your calendar and that of your teams. You can even ask your customers to pay online using the invoicing tool. By setting up your payment system quickly and easily. Ditto for your orders.

The Gravity Bord is the assurance of not missing any sales, of being organized and of having happy employees. So? What are you waiting for to make your daily life easier? Adopt Discodery!

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