Company support : the digital power of Discodery is not only the ability to create almost instantly your website, Android and iOS mobile applications, domain name and personalized professional mailboxes.

It is also and above all the access to an innovative intelligent digital growth software, which accompanies you step by step with the help of a small virtual cosmonaut, assists and encourages you, trains you in best practices, advises you personally, provides you with performance reports and leads you to success. 🚀

Discover now the 12 powers of the growth software features that drive your website, your mobile applications, but also LOTS of other aspects of your business!

Digital Power #1 – Online sale 💰

  • We give you the power to sell online, your customers place orders, come and collect on the spot or are delivered, pay by credit card by connecting with a conventional payment provider, or in cash to the deliveryman for restaurants for example, without paying us commission.

Digital Power #2 – Online Booking 📅

  • We give you the power to accept online bookings, an automatic calendar is generated, you can assign team members or a dedicated space for each appointment. Our clients today include escape game rooms, beauty salons and doctors.

Digital Power n°3 – Digital Communication 📣

  • All this is accompanied by a robotic mailing system, magical, for your users, account creation, order confirmation, reminder on the day of the appointment, invoices, personalized information message … With the graphic charter of your company, color, logo and your contact information…

Digital Power n°3 – Digital Communication 📣

  • We give you the power to publish multicast news to your website, Android app, iOS app, Facebook page and Twitter page all at once from one place, your software. An image + a title + a text, you click on send, here we go!

Digital Power #4 – Digital Communication 📣

  • We give you the power to publish push notifications, you know those little news flashes that appear on your smartphones. Send them reasonably to the users of your website and application :
    • For example, let’s take the case of a baker who, at the end of the day, when he has some chocolate loaves left, makes a push notification:
      • “No waste, I’ve still got some pains au chocolat, come and get it, I’ll sell it to you at half price.” 

Communication is instantaneous! It’s ringing in the pockets of its customers, who, if they are nearby, come to enjoy the good food at a good price !

Digital Power #5 – Team Management 🚣

  • We give you the power to manage your teams, create accounts that give them access to certain parts of the software, assign them tasks to perform, 
    • “Magalie doesn’t forget to close the airlock door of the tanning salon when Monsieur SUN leaves, for example.
    • You manage their schedule and they view changes live, you can delegate tasks to them on the software, such as tracking the order flow or writing blog posts.

Digital Power #6 – Customer Management ❤️

  • We give you the power to create a digital loyalty card to be stamped, small shops are familiar with this system, the customer at the physical checkout, scans a flashcode that you keep preciously and he earns points that allow him to win gifts. You manage the rewards scale, customers can earn points online and on the spot. Above all, they no longer lose their card – it’s online!

Pouvoir digital n°7 – Online sales and booking 💰

  • We give you the power to easily generate promo codes like the greats on the web! For example, you want to make -30% for Halloween create the JAIPASPEUR30 code valid for the first 50 customers.

Digital Power #8 – Customer Management 🎁

  • We give you the power to have an automatically generated customer file with each point of contact. A customer buys, a customer sends a message, a customer earns one loyalty card point you have a complete history and your file is automatically consolidated and updated as you go.

Digital Power n°9 – Digital Communication 📣

  • We give you the power to have instant messaging for both your customers and your in-house teams.

Digital Power #10 – Digital Identity 👣

  • We give you the power to post photo albums, YouTube videos on your site or translate your offering into multiple languages.

Digital Power n°11 – Integrations 🤓

  • We give you the power to integrate Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google tag manager, Google Ads… in 1 click, that’s for geeks.

In short apart from coffee our solution gives you the Digital Power you deserve in one software and 1 fixed subscription. 🚀

Today Discodery gives you access to the same basic digital weapons of the biggest groups at a price that beats all competition: See the price 👀.

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