Skryptic is an “escape game”, where team players try to escape from a place by solving riddles, clues, etc. Since the emergence of the escape game concept in 2008, the number of new players has increased steadily throughout France, with 1978 rooms already open (source:

The whole appeal of this game lies in the different worlds proposed by the creators: horror themes, treasure hunts, criminal investigations, etc. Players are immersed in a fiction, like a video game, but this time at a real size. The goal is to discover clues and solve puzzles through team cohesion in order to successfully exit the room. In case of difficulties, a game master is present throughout the game to guide you.

Skryptic offers three different indoor rooms accessible to all in the city of Montpellier.


Why did Skryptic choose Discodery for its digital adventure? 🚀

There are not many escape games in Montpellier, although the competition is beginning to emerge due to growing demand. Most participants conduct an online search to find the escape game closest to their location. That’s why the Skryptic team decided to take the plunge and develop a complete digital presence.

The objectives of this investment were well defined: Skryptic wanted to gain online visibility, give its customers the opportunity to book slots online and buy gift cards but also share escape game news with its closest customers.

Online visibility 👁

The mission was clear: to be visible so that potential customers can find Skryptic after a simple Google search. With no technical background, the team deployed its first website in just a few days thanks to Discodery.

This website is a showcase for Skryptic, available 24 hours a day for all users. Customers can check the exact address and schedule of the escape game, real-time availability, prices and company news. Finally, customers can contact the escape game directly via the website by leaving a simple comment or by filling out a contact form. Requests are processed through Discodery management system by the team as soon as they are received.

Online booking system 💻

Système de réservation par Discodery

Thanks to the website developed by Discodery, bookings can be made in a few clicks on the website.

For Skryptic managers, reservations are recorded on their Gravity Board, sorted in chronological order with their payment status displayed and the possibility of changing the booking schedule. This calendar is a very useful tool because in addition to being able to modify it in weekly or monthly format, it contains all the important information of the customers: telephone number, e-mail address, personal comment and payment status.

The “Event” section also allows visitors to request Skryptic for a particular reservation. The three game rooms can accommodate up to 15 people, which allows you to come in large numbers and allows everyone to enjoy the different worlds.

On the other hand, Skryptic has taken care to set up a relaxation area so that players can get together and share their experience after a game. The concept is a good way to build relationships through teamwork and fun. It is therefore an ideal place for team building events, birthdays or a simple outing with friends.

Purchase of gift cards 🎁

The Discodery management system has allowed Skryptic to think also of its most passionate customers: it is possible to buy directly on the site different gift cards adapted to the number of participants. The purchase of a gift card will allow customers to book a room at any time during 1 year. Thus, the company fully exploits their digital solution by selling their services online. In addition, the Gravity Board has an automatic invoicing system that saves considerable time for the entire Skryptic team.

Company news 🗞

 Section actualités du site Skryptic

Running an escape game is a constantly evolving project. It is therefore very important to keep customers informed of the latest developments. Thanks to the blog section of the Discodery solution, Skryptic writes articles on its latest news. Thus, a link is established between the company and its customers, which makes it possible to create a real enthusiasm around their activity.

Skryptic wanted to share information about the escape game concept and its history. This allows people who have not yet played this game to be able to know a little more and make them want to get started.

And you, are you ready to become a Digital Hero like Skryptic? ⭐️

Skryptic now has a very professional online presence. Their website is very complete since it contains all the practical and useful information to know.

In order to make its website more attractive, Skryptic has chosen to post one of its extremely engaging introductory YouTube videos and post its TripAdvisor rating. Indeed, Skryptic has acquired a certain notoriety in Montpellier and has many “Excellent” opinions on TripAdvisor which have allowed them to obtain the perfect score of 5/5.

Thanks to the Discodery solution, Skryptic has been able to create an online presence with an integrated booking system for a fixed price per month. In addition, this solution allows them to maintain a privileged relationship with their audience through shared blog articles. And you, what are you waiting for to become a Digital Hero?

Logo Skryptic

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