Plantific is a brand of beauty and cosmetic sin health. Created and imagined by Cristina in London and produced in South Korea. This small company only present on Amazon has the ambitions of a big one.

From the packaging of her products to the ingredients they contain, Cristina takes care of everything and pays a lot of attention to making her products environmentally friendly.

This 28-year-old entrepreneur has a very clear vision of her company, she wants to offer healthy and natural products at competitive prices all with a clean design, colors reminiscent of nature and a worked communication.

Today its brand offers six products, masks, creams… 

The Plantific Problem

Plantific had almost everything from a great, quality products, competitive prices, Amazon delivery services, happy customers… but the brand lacked a place to exist to continue to grow…

Although Amazon offers a “seller” page, it has nothing to assert its identity in relation to others, conveying the mission, vision and values of the company. On Amazon, it’s the products that are in the spotlight, not the brand.

It is in a hyper-competitive market that Plantific is fighting for a place. But moving from shadow to light in the vastness of the web is not easy…

How did the Discodery solution strengthen Plantifique’s identity?

1. Online presence

By selling only on Amazon Plantifique could not build a digital identity and a strong brand image. Drowning in the multiplicity of offerings it was very hard for them to convey the mission, vision and values of their company. 

Amazon doesn’t really stand out and be independent as a brand.

That’s why the founders of the Plantifique wanted to start the creation of a website, but after months of going back with the web agency, their site was still not online…

Discodery allowed them to quickly solve their problem. Armed with their logo and the most used colour codes on their packaging that they create their free demo. 

With just a few clicks, was online, their logo, their colour, their description, finally, their brand could have its own place of expression. Plantifique’s identity was finally able to be established and their site became the main information center of the brand.

Also, Plantifique is a brand that sells internationally. That’s why it was important for them to be able to easily offer their content in different languages.

With Discodery, they easily add a language and their management software automatically gives them the ability to edit and update translations.

2. Centralized communication

Plantific has always aimed to create a community around their brand. Their first asset was an instagram account well animated by Cristina.

Thanks to this one, many customers took to the games to take video by testing the products of the brand. It was this sudden craze that prompted Plantifique to go further and start the Discodery adventure to capture and nurture these new prospects!

The centralized publishing tool saved Crisitina valuable time. With just a few clicks she posts on different media at the same time in several languages:

  • Website
  • Android mobile app
  • iOS mobile app 
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter account

This multi-broadcast allowed Cristina to reach her customers in different places, on different media by carrying out a single action. 

It is for Cristina a real time saver that allows her to take care of one of these favourite pastimes, research and development on her products.

3. The loyalty program

In its solution, Discodery offers the possibility of creating a loyalty card for its customers. The principle is simple, each purchase generates points that give access to rewards.

For Plantifique it is a very important new tool because it allows them to retain customers, encourage them to come back and retain them. Cristina knows that creating a digital loyalty card has encouraged customers to make new purchases and introduce them to new products.

Here are the various benefits of such a program:

Loyalty, retention, attachment, strengthening of the emotional bond, increase in the average basket, increase in cross-purchases, new brand ambassadors, enrichment of the customer file, reduction of customer volatility.

And you, are you ready to become a Digital Hero as Plantific?

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