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Le Montaigne is a French brasserie that blends an old-fashioned setting with a touch of modernism and traditional cuisine. Pizzas, burgers, grills, salads (Caesar, niçoise) and traditional daily dishes (onion soup, grilled salmon steak, beef bourguignon, veal blanquette, roast chicken and homemade fries) are served. We come for a drink, a snack or simply to take the time to remake the world and savour the spirit of the times. The bar Montaigne has chosen to bring a touch of modernity to its unique concept, notably thanks to a website and a dedicated mobile application. It is with the Discodery solution that Le Montaigne has undertaken to affirm its digital transition.

How did Discodery’s digital solution make life easier at Bar Le Montaigne?

The brewery’s notoriety was already established, but its diffusion was beginning to stagnate. Le Montaigne wanted to move up a gear without spending a large budget. By choosing Discodery, the bar Montaigne obtained a website and a mobile application at a fixed price per month and without any necessary knowledge. Le Montaigne has set itself 3 objectives: to gain visibility, optimize its team management and obtain online reservations.

Online visibility

To increase its visibility, Le Montaigne has developed a website and a mobile application presenting the Auvergne coffee offer. To facilitate each employee’s work planning, Montaigne uses the Gravity Board management software: tasks for each employee are created and each team member has an online schedule. Finally, Le Montaigne has integrated a reservation system on its website in order to centralize the data of these customers and employees in one place! In this way, Le Montaigne has been able to build a close relationship with its established clients while gaining visibility.

Team management

Comptoir du bar Le Montaigne.

Team management is essential to achieve a good quality of work life and excellent customer service. Thanks to the Discodery management software, the Montaigne bar was able to review its entire internal organization. A digital transition must also be used by the staff of any company.

Thanks to the Gravity Board, Le Montaigne can manage the entire team thanks to various functionalities such as the organization of schedules, reservations and their allocation, etc. It is very easy to assign a task to a staff member and obtain a schedule for each employee in a few clicks. For example, it is possible to digitize information such as “who will be on lunch or dinner service”, “who will do the opening / closing”. Thus, by taking into account the skills of each individual, it is possible to drastically increase the team’s performance.

Finally, the ability to combine the organization of staff with customer reservations on a single tool serves to optimize communication between team members and not to be scattered.

Online reservations

It is possible thanks to Discodery to set up an online booking service that allows you to collect all the information in the same place. It should not be forgotten that if the only way to book is by phone, the customer will have to take up time, and could cause the company to lose time. In addition, an online booking service is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, which will only increase traffic to the company’s website and therefore customers.

The only disadvantage of such a reservation system is that it is in most cases external to the company’s site. However, Discodery offers a monthly package that includes the integration of this service and this, without any commission. Bar Montaigne was able, at no additional cost, to add this new feature to its website to the delight of its customers.

The articles

Section actualités sur le site web du bar Le Montaigne fait par Discodery.

Le Montaigne also wanted to build a close relationship with its established and new customers. The Discodery solution offers the possibility to write and publish articles in order to communicate easily with its customers. These news on the bar allow in the long term to establish a real connection with its audience. This feature is also very effective in providing promotions over time. It is therefore possible to use the articles to announce a current or future promotion. The articles keep your audience up to date in a world like the bar, where everything is constantly changing.

And you, are you ready to become a Digital Hero like the bar Le Montaigne?

Façade du bar Le Montaigne.

The advantage of the Discodery solution is that everyone can do it, there is only one step to becoming a Digital Hero. It should not be forgotten that the subscription is at a fixed cost, so there are no unpleasant surprises. Through the multiple features of Discodery, you will be able to create a solid digital identity based on a website and a dedicated application.

Not to mention the integrated management system’s functionalities, which are equally important to improve your business, increase your turnover and optimize your time. Not bad, is it? So, what are you waiting for?

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