Behind Fit Healthy is Alessio Capozza, sports coach and wellness advisor. He supports his clients in their physical transformation with training adapted to their needs and desires. He takes the time to listen to them and advises them on their eating habits in order to respond as well as possible to their request and so that everyone can achieve their objective.

Today, Alessio Capozza has opted for a digital strategy by creating a website in order to have more visibility for its future prospects. Indeed, the creation of a website with a clear and refined design has allowed him to highlight the different services he offers and to attract a larger clientele. Its second objective was also to optimize its customer relationship by automating the collection of customer data.

Fit Healthy

Why did Fit Healthy choose the Discodery solution?

Discodery offers a complete digital transformation that is fast and inexpensive. This all-in-one solution has enabled the sports coach to develop an important network and build customer loyalty.

The creation of a website was essential for his activity because it is a reflex for everyone to do his research on the Internet. The deployment of its own website in just a few days has, therefore, enabled it to maintain and develop its turnover, enhance its services by adding photos and descriptions, and inform its customers and prospects with its contact details, prices and offers.

Alessio Capozza also chose Discodery because the solution is not limited to a website. The integrated management system has enabled Fit Healthy to develop a fully automated customer relationship strategy. Thanks to the Gravity Board, Alessio can have an overview of its customers’ data.

How did Discodery’s digital solution make the coach’s life easier?

Before Discodery, the “Fit Healthy” brand did not exist. This all-in-one digital solution has revolutionized its business. Alessio Capozza has indeed gained an advantage over the competition and has achieved its objective without effort.

He discovered all the features of his website thanks to the Gravity Board software which is very intuitive. He can now manage communication, marketing, team & customers with ease.

The history of customer requests

Vision générale du Gravity Board

The Gravity Board is a software developed by Discodery where customer databases are automatically recorded.

Thanks to this software, Fit Healthy manages the history of customer requests, their questions, all appointments very easily. All requests are updated, allowing the manager to better know his clients and how they interact with the company.

A file for each customer is automatically created on the Gravity Board and records all customer actions. Alessio, therefore, saves considerable time in searching for important information by customer and can no longer do without the overview provided by the Gravity Board.

Automatic emails and push notifications

Optimizing customer relations also requires effective communication. Two other functionalities are then essential to manage the coach’s appointments: Automatic e-mails and the sending of push notifications!

Phase de création d'une notification push sur le Gravity Board

These features are highly appreciated by customers. They receive a reminder by SMS and E-mail before any scheduled coaching session. They can also record the date, time and place of the appointment directly on their calendar. In addition, the automatic e-mail summarizes the scheduled sports or wellness session. Everything is done to make your life easier for the coach and his clients!

The Chat

Being available is crucial to successful customer management. The Live Chat is the most popular way for Internet users to communicate effectively with a company!

Chat intégré avec la solution Discodery

For customers and prospects, being able to communicate via chat is a faster way to reach Alessio directly. Thanks to the chat, trust and proximity are established between the client and the coach. The customer can report a problem encountered on the website, or his willingness to register for a session or simply give his opinion.

Chat is, therefore, an effective way to develop a company’s sympathy capital with its customers. It also helps Alessio stand out from its competitors by offering a still rare feature that will attract the attention of Internet users.

And you, are you ready to become a Digital Heroe like Fit Healthy?

Since Alessio Capozza decided to switch to the Discodery solution, his business has become more fluid: he has managed to offer unlimited visibility to Fit Healthy through his dedicated website and he optimizes customer management through the integrated management system.

Alessio particularly appreciates the management of its communication as well as the loyalty of its customers from a single interface: the Gravity Board.

Its regular customers make appointments directly via Fit Healthy’s website: They can change the time, date and session as they wish without having to make a phone call and risk running into a messaging system. Everything has become simpler and without any constraints.

And you, what are you waiting for to digitize your activity?

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