Feel Maille is a Parisian boutique that sells fabric wholesale and retail. Wishing to stand out from its competitors and stand out from this somewhat old-fashioned image that is quickly attributed to fabric stores, Feel Maille has decided to modernize by imposing itself on the digital level.

It is in this perspective of digital revolution that Feel Maille turned to Discodery to create its e-commerce and obtain a professional quality online presence.

The problem of Feel Maille

Feel Maille’s problem was obviously the fact that the store had never had a website, let alone a mobile application. This lack of visibility limited their clientele to people in the neighbourhood who knew the institution. The first objective was therefore clear: to offer more visibility to the store without any geographical limits.

Feel Maille’s second issue concerns the stock of products. The shop has a very extensive catalogue of products, which makes it difficult to see the products even on site: entire rows of rollers, the patterns of which are not really distinguishable. Feel Maille, therefore, wanted to obtain an online catalogue where it was easy to browse their entire offer, depending on the type or colour of a fabric for example.

Page d'accueil du site Feel Maille fait par Discodery

How did the Discodery solution facilitate the operation of Feel Maille?

Feel Maille, therefore, had the objective of digitising its activity and as a fabric store, this was achieved above all by selling their products online. The shop chose Discodery mainly for its online sales functionality but was seduced by all the other features that accompanied it.

Thanks to this winning package and fixed price, Feel Maille has managed to increase its profit by selling its products online. But not just that! Due to the many other features that Discodery offers, the store has built loyalty among its former customers and attracted new ones because of the visibility offered by a website and a mobile application. We will, therefore, discover through this article which features are crucial today for Feel Maille’s growing turnover.

1. The online catalogue

Feel Maille sells a multitude of fabrics, and it is often complicated to find your way around all these canvases.

However, thanks to Discodery’s Offer tool, the store was able to create 14 different categories to list its products:

  • by material: among them, we find “Wool”, “Lace” or “Breasts”.
  • by price: increasing or decreasing price to satisfy all portfolios
  • by colours: enough to help the customer not to get lost!

Once in one of these categories, the customer can discover all the fabrics that match them and make his choice in just a few clicks.

Thanks to Discodery’s Offer feature, the store can add as many categories and items as it wants, perfectly responding to Feel Maille’s problem of transcribing its entire online offer.

But fabric also means personalization according to the customer. Indeed, the articles are also customizable: here, Feel Maille declines its articles in as many colours as it wishes. Once the customer has made his choice of fabric, he can choose the colour that suits him best.

Using Discodery, Feel Maille could also vary the size for these items: for example, for a clothing store, the item would be available in S/M/L. Feel Maille also has the possibility to adapt the price according to the colour of the article, for example, black is often more in demand, so Feel Maille offers it at a higher price than orange.

2. Online payment

Once the online catalogue was created, Feel Maille wanted to go even further: offer its customers the possibility to buy directly on the site without going through the store.

Thanks to the payment system integrated into the Discodery solution, Feel Maille can now offer its products for sale directly on its website. The customer only has to choose the items that suit him and he can place an order instantly.

The customer can choose his preferred payment method: immediate payment by credit card (with the payment system integrated into the Discodery platform) with the possibility of delivery; or by cash by going to pay and collect his products on site.

3. The loyalty program

Online sales do not stop at simply offering your products on your website: you have to succeed in building customer loyalty! Discodery offers a customizable loyalty program for its online e-commerce: thanks to a points system, Feel Maille can reward its most loyal customers.

The store has set up its loyalty program in such a way that each customer who spends 10 euros on their website earns 1 loyalty point. This point system is automatically updated on the Discodery platform.

Feel Maille

In addition, Feel Maille also specified that for every 15 euros spent directly at their store, the customer earns 1 loyalty point that he can obtain by scanning a QR code generated by Discodery with Feel Maille’s mobile application to be updated on his points. Of course, the amounts of the point levels are customizable, as well as the number of points to have before obtaining a reward and the reward itself. At Feel Maille, after 9 points, the customer gets a 10% discount voucher on the whole; but the reward can also be in the form of a purchase voucher of a chosen amount or a gift (fabric, t-shirt, etc.).

This reward system will, therefore, make customers want to come back to Feel Maille for their future purchases.

4. Promotional codes and push notifications

Online sales also involve attracting customers: many of Discodery’s features allow it, including promotional codes and push notifications.

The Push notification system allows Feel Maille to notify its customers when the shop makes promotions on some of its items, for example, to empty its stock more quickly. Thus, all Feel Maille customers will receive a Push notification directly on their mobile phone, or even computer, alerting them that Feel Maille is promoting a -15% discount on a particular item.

Feel Maille can also create promotional codes to be distributed by Push notifications to its customers whom it wishes to reward or individual promotional codes. These are fully customizable: name, form (voucher or discount voucher), validity date, value, etc.

And you, are you ready to become a Digital Hero like the Feel Maille store?

Feel Maille has taken the step: the company has digitized itself and this, at a very affordable price. It was impossible for them to imagine having access to all these features for a fixed cost per month. And yet, they managed to create professional e-commerce in just a few days.

Discodery has allowed them to obtain a complete digital identity through a website and a dedicated application. But don’t forget: the functionalities of the integrated management system are just as important to increase your turnover and optimize your time. What are you waiting for?

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