Following a change of ownership, Pascal, assisted by Charlène and Gaëtan, took over the Calou bakery. To choose the new name of the bakery, the team opted for Pascal’s nickname (Calou). It’s simple, happy, and efficient for customers. In addition to changing its name, the bakery wanted a new look with a new logo and a new customer acquisition strategy. Of course, like any artisan bakery, bread and pastries are there to delight our taste buds. Their brand image is based on a strong principle: no frozen food here!

You will also find many tasty products there, but the house’s specialties are undoubtedly lemon meringue pie and macaroons. After defining its brand image, the company understood that it is essential today to modernize and implement a complete digital strategy. The Discodery solution has become a must when looking for a new way to attract new customers but also to facilitate communication with established customers. They have chosen to trust us to take this step and create a complete digital communication.

Why Discodery? The question of the budget….

Boulangerie Calou’s goal was to develop itself digitally with a small budget. They were, therefore, looking for an all-in-one solution that would allow them to optimize several axes. The first is, of course, their digital identity through the website and their dedicated application. But the second and not the least was to facilitate communication with new customers, but also, with established ones. However, their ambition did not stop there: they wanted to obtain an integrated management system and new web marketing tools. In this way, Discodery’s digital solution had 3 main objectives: to bring back customers who are passing through, establish a privileged relationship with its customers and facilitate the company’s digital communication.

How did Discodery’s digital solution make life easier for Boulangerie Calou?

Discodery allowed this small local bakery to gain exposure and later notoriety. The result of this strategy is simple: today, the bakery can count on a loyal and unique clientele, in line with its craft values.

1. Product display 🥖

Discodery has enabled the bakery to create an online product catalog that is easily accessible to new customers. Many potential customers prefer to know the availability of products and their prices before going to the bakery. The wide range of products (bread, pastries, sandwiches) of the Calou bakery is therefore displayed on the website as well as on their mobile application. It is also possible to modify the availability of products with a single click. A description of the company’s know-how and different labels such as homemade or organic farming are an excellent way to convince new customers to visit the bakery. Finally, even regular customers consult available products. They can choose more easily from home to save time when they arrive at the bakery.

Promotions 🌟

Promotions are a good way to attract new customers and retain existing ones. They can encourage the customer to try new things, to sell his stock and much more… Nowadays, what unites almost all individuals are smartphones, so an application could send notifications informing about new promotions, the latter could not be missed. Pascal, the boss of La Boulangerie Calou, understood this well: “Today when I see that I have a surplus of stock, I send a push notification to my customers to warn them that I am breaking prices to sell the stock, and it goes like hot cakes” he says. These push notifications are very easily implemented from the main interface (the Gravity Board) and do not require any technical knowledge.

3. Blog articles 👀

Calou Bakery also wanted to establish a close relationship with its customers. This relationship was to reflect the company’s values and reflect its warm image. The Discodery solution offers the possibility to write and publish articles in one click from the main interface. This feature is very effective in keeping customers informed of bakery news and also in offering longer promotions. Thanks to the blog articles, Boulangerie Calou was able to facilitate its communication with its customers. Pascal announces new products and everything that comes to mind. The blog is a means of expression where any creativity is allowed!

4. The chat 🐈

What better way to facilitate communication with customers than through direct chat? This is one of the many features provided by Discodery! This chat allows customers to communicate with the bakery instantly. The chat is also available 24 hours a day, allowing unlimited communication.

Although instantaneous, the chat does not always require a direct response. If a customer of the bakery sends a message on Sunday via chat, Pascal receives a notification on his Gravity Board. He can choose to answer directly via chat or later via email. All this always from a single interface!

The chat is a tool very appreciated by customers because it is easy to use and adds a human side if a real person answers it. This value of proximity to the customer is increasingly rare today with automatic answering machines. Be different!

Chat - Discodery
Chat – Discodery

5. The loyalty system ❤️

Calou Bakery has understood that it is also important to reward its loyal customers. Thanks to the loyalty system of the Discodery solution, it is possible to collect loyalty points according to different variables such as bakery expenses or purchase frequency.

The loyalty program had a positive impact on the average basket of the bakery’s customers. Thanks to the loyalty program, customers are encouraged to buy more and more often. The loyalty program’s sole objective is not only to maintain revenue (by limiting customer loss) but also to increase revenue with the same customers!

Are you ready to become a Digital Hero like Calou Bakery?

The advantage of the Discodery solution is that it is accessible to everyone. There is really only one step to becoming a Digital Hero. Thanks to the fixed cost subscription, there are no hidden costs. No bad surprises then! Through the multiple features of Discodery, each small merchant is able to create a solid digital communication based on a website and a dedicated application. Not to mention the equally important functionalities of the integrated management system: they make it possible to increase turnover and optimize time. Not bad, is it? So, what are you waiting for?

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