Club Banana Café is a 29-year old Parisian bar/club, offering Happy Hours and evenings with unique themes.
This popular place in the center of the capital loves to rely on a group of musicians to create a unique atmosphere. Customers can listen to them while enjoying their original cocktails.

Today, the company has decided to modernize itself and implement a complete digital strategy. The reason is simple: they have understood that in order to attract new customers and retain them, you have to be present online. Therefore, they have decided to choose Discodery to help them move towards this new stage.

Why did Club Banana Café choose the Discodery solution? 🚀

Club Banana Café wanted to develop a complete digital presence on a low budget. They were, therefore, looking for an all-in-one solution that would allow them to optimize several axes. The first is, of course, their digital identity through the website and their dedicated application.

However, their ambition did not stop there: they wanted to obtain an integrated management system and new web marketing tools. In this way, Discodery’s digital solution had to meet 3 main objectives: bringing back customers who are just passing through, establishing a privileged relationship with its customers and increasing reservations on usually low hours.

How did Discodery’s digital solution make life easier at Banana Café? 🍌

Thanks to its integrated management system and numerous functionalities, the Discodery solution has enabled Banana Café to optimize its turnover at a reduced cost. We will study how these features allowed the Banana Cafe to meet its three objectives.

1. Bookings 💻

Booking is one of the most important services in the catering industry. Indeed, it makes it easier to manage busy evenings and to keep in touch with loyal customers. Customers like to have access to a direct booking system through which they feel privileged.

This process is now automated from the Banana Café website or application. Staff no longer have to spend their time answering calls: customers can book faster online thanks to an updated real-time calendar.

An excellent way to attract customers, isn’t it? Indeed, this real-time booking system saves everyone’s time, both the customer and the staff. In addition, customers are directly informed of exceptional offers in off-peak hours! They receive push notifications allowing them to book specific time slots at exclusive prices. This system has enabled the company to increase its turnover in one click.

2. Cocktails card 🍸

How many times does a potential customer not dare to come up to a bar, from fear of the establishment not meeting his expectations? Probably a dozen every night. The main advantage of having a website is defined by this point because it allows you to open your universe to all curious people who might be hesitating to take the first step in your place.

Discodery allowed Banana Café to display its card of products to these potential visitors. Banana Café has decided to classify them by category: for each of their products, a description and a price are associated accordingly. In addition, they also posted their favorite combos, which consist of making a special offer on the purchase of several specific products!

3. The promotions 📣

Promotion is often at the heart of a restaurateur’s strategy. It makes it possible to try new products, to provoke compulsive purchases from customers in order to empty their stocks or to create a loyalty relationship between the customer and the restaurant owner.

Promotional communication, therefore, has a significant impact on the company’s turnover. It is also essential to have the necessary budget to inform the customer of this promotion. This communication must be fast, efficient and easy to access.

For this reason, Banana Café chose to use the Discodery’s push notification feature. It allows you to instantly send push notifications with the desired content. In general, this is an invitation to book on off-peak hours at a competitive price!

Today, almost everyone has a smartphone. A dedicated application allows companies to be directly in the pockets of their customers. Michel, the boss of the Banana Café, understood this well: “Today when I see that I have done a short day, I send a push notification to my customers prior to the Happy Hour by one hour and quickly I see results: my tables are full! “he announces.

4. The articles 🗞

It is also possible to write an article directly from the Discodery interface. It will appear on the website’s news feed, which will keep visitors informed on the long term. Banana Café uses this strategy for longer-term promotions.

Articles are the most creative elements of communication! They allow visitors to discover the bar’s universe and inform them of upcoming important events so they don’t miss any! Banana Café writes articles related to their latest promotions and upcoming events.

However, there are many opportunities for small traders: it is possible to introduce one of your cocktails to the general public in order to create a trend and satisfy the followers of your drink.

On the other hand, it allows to gain notoriety thanks to the system of referencing on search engines. The better you make your articles, the more visibility you will gain!

5. The chat 🐱


Banana Café is also delighted to be able to communicate directly with its customers via the Chat Discodery. Indeed, customers freely ask their questions and get quick answers without interrupting their service.

In this way, direct relations between customers and companies are easier and allow the bar to improve thanks to the many opinions collected. Communicating regularly with your customers helps you stay connected to reality and stay up to date. Moreover, there is nothing more professional than answering the expectations and questions of each of your customers in a short period of time.

Are you ready to become a Digital Heroe like the Banana Café? ⭐️

The Banana Café has taken the step of digitizing itself at a very affordable price. It was impossible for them to imagine having access to all these features for a fixed cost per month. And yet….

Discodery allows you to obtain a complete digital identity through a website and a dedicated application. But don’t forget: the functionalities of the integrated management system are just as important to increase your turnover and optimize your time. What are you waiting for?

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